How are things around your house this summer?  AC working?  Any costly plumbing, electrical or HVAC repairs?  We homeowners deal with them all the time. Sometimes it's just one thing after another.

Constellation Energy is offering a new service and program for us here in South Central PA called CONSTELLATION HOME that offers sales and service for home heating and air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems, along with replacement windows, doors, siding and attic installation.

Kevin Klages from Constellation Home will tell us all about it and why you should consider them for these services.

Learn more at www.constellationhome.com or call 1-844-307-HOME  

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This half hour is for dog lovers.  Sally Kamm from the Harrisburg Kennel Club joins us to talk about our love for dogs and how she and her group is helping area veterans with PTSD using the love and companionship of dogs.  And also the work they are doing with THE Harrisburg City Police K9 Unit.

And we will also preview the Keystone Cluster Dog Shows coming up next weekend at the Farm Show Complex.

Learn more about teh Harrisburg Kennel Club and the upcoming dog shows at www.hkc.org 

Learn more how you can donate and help DOG T.A.G.S. at www.dogtagsprogram.org  

And how you can help the Harrisburg City Police K-9 Foundation.  Here's the link to their Facebook page.

HKC K-9 Foundation

Hear our interview here: