Many don't know this.  LUNG CANCER is the #1 killer of women, killing almost TWICE as many women as any other cancer.  In fact, statistics show that fewer than half of all women diagnosed with lung cancer survive one year after diagnosis. The fact is that anyone can get lung cancer-including women who don't currently smoke or who have successfully quite smoking.    

Dr. Troy Moritz is a Thoracic Surgeon joins us to talk about lung cancer and other forms of cancer.  What is being done to diagnosis lung cancer, the benefits of screening and the newest treatments available. 

Learn more by visiting www.pinnaclehealth.org/lung

And to learn more and take part in area events and fundraiser to benefit research for lung cancer visit the American Lung Association at www.lung.org and type in our local zip code.

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Dr. Daniel Sheard, Superintendent of Mount Calvary Christian School in Elizabethtown joins me to talk about the upcoming school year and discuss why enrolling your student in a private or Christian school is a good choice.

We'll learn about their school and help with tuition costs.  We'll also spend some time talking about the much talked about and sometimes controversial PA Common Core, a new system and curriculum being implemented into our public schools here in the state which is being seen as an "anchor" to students and teaches.  

In fact the audio featured below is a much longer version of the show which aired on WHP 580 and gets into more detail about this topic.

To find out more and set up a tour of Mount Calvary Christian School visit their website at www.mcchristianschool.com  

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