Martk Mattern rejoins us to talk about  the wonderful work this organization and their many area volunteers are doing to help eliminate poverty housing and improve the living conditions of people living in inadequate housing.

We'll get an update on their ReStore downtown and also a new program called Cars for Homes.   And get a preview of a delightful holiday concert coming up the end of the year.

And we'll learn about the incredible generosity of some area businesses who have helped Habitat continue their work here in our community.

Learn more about them and how you can volunteer or if you need their help by visiting www.harrisburghabitat.org 


Hear our interview here:





"Give Reptiles A Chance" 

Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary is celebrating its 10 year anniversary educating area adults and children about reptiles and rescuing reptiles.

WHP 580 friend Art Selby is a big fan of reptiles and made me aware of this great area organization and its President, Jesse Rothacker.  So I turned over the mic to Art to spend some time with Jesse AND his reptilian friends. 

Jesse was on his way to a school assembly and brought into the WHP studio ALOT of reptiles including some corn snakes, a black rat snake, a beautiful iguana, a huge tortoise...and....a 9 foot Burmese python.

So many people fear snakes and reptiles and think they are dangerous, but with proper education and information you can see why these are some of the coolest animals out there.

Learn more about this great organization at www.forgottenfriend.org and check them out on Facebook.

Pic of Art and the corn snakes.

Hear Art's interview here: