If you suffer from neck or spine pain, this interview could bring some much needed relief.  Pinnacle Health offers McKenzie Physical Therapy.   The McKenzie method of therapy is quite different than general physical therapy.  You don't need as many treatments which could save you in co-pays and it's been incredibly successful in helping patients.

Ron Swanson is one of the few in the state who is certified as a Diplomat McKenzie Spine Therapist.  He will tell us all about the McKenzie methodology and its benefits.

Pinnacle Health has two McKenzie Clinics.  On the East Shore on the Community General campus (657-7520) and on the West Shore in Lemoyne (214-3688).

Learn more about them at www.pinnaclehealth.org/rehab

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Karen writes a weekly column for The Patriot News.  In her Pet Lovers Forum she answers questions from readers and offers advice on how to care for our beloved pets. As a regular reader, I've always wanted to get her on WHP 580 so she could share her thoughts and advice about pets.  So I dropped her an email and she was happy to join us.

If you read her articles, you know that Karen and her family recently lost their dog, Professor Barney.   Well, they now have a new member of the family.  A 7-month old Newf puppy named Tate.

Karen will talk to us about dealing with bereavement and the right time to fill the void.  We'll also talk about purhasing a pet, cat litter box problems, taking care of stray cats, being a good pet neighbor, and other topics.

Karen will be joining us every now and then so if you have a question that you would like us to address on the air, email me or karen at   ksteinrock@comcast.net

 Check out her column every Thursday in the Patriot News "Living" secion or you can read all the articles online at this link.  www.pennlive.com/pets 

Hear our interview here: