This center provides comprehensive treatment for patients with injuries or other medical conditions that affect their ability to exercise, participate in sports or maintain an active lifestyle.

Dr. Michael Cordas recently joined the center and the team. He has been practicing medicine for over 40 years and many will remember him as the team physician for Penn State's football and wrestling teams.

Dr. Cordas has been spending his career and life helping to protect athletes and helping them heal and get back in the game.  He is a strong advocate of having student athletes get physicals every year. He also works closely and advises the PIAA on how to keep our kids safe, how to prevent injuries and promote awareness to concussions.

We will talk about all those things and also all that is available at the Pinnacle Health Sports Medicine Center located on the Community Campus in the Bloom Outpatient Center.

Learn more about it by visiting their website:  www.pinnaclehealth.org/sportsmed 

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Have you researched, prepared and purchased long term care?  Alot of us haven't.   We don't know what exactly it is, what do we need, where to get it and how much will it cost?

All good questions and it's been hard to get the answers, especially because everyone's situation is unique.

That is where Keystone Elder Law in Carlisle can help.  They have the staff, the knowledge and the ability to answer your questions and advise you on exactly what you need and what you should do.

Dave Nesbit will fill us in on this complicated confusing topic and also what Governor Corbett and Pennsylvania are doing to help provide information and improve the programs and services for older Pennsylvanians.

Visit www.keystoneelderlaw.com  to learn more about all they offer and how to reach them.  And also about their upcoming free seminars.

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