7-7:30  HEARTS & HOMES

In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Pennsylvania State Resource Family Association (PSRFA)

Nearly 13,000-15,000 PA children are currently in foster care and part of the child welfare system. PSRFA advocates for all those who care about children and their families.  They work with foster and adoptive families and with local foster parent assocations and agencies for the children they serve.    

Money raised from this concert and event will benefit their Educational Scholarship Fund which provides post secondary opportunities for PA childen in the foster/adoption system.

The concert is Saturday May 24th from 3-5PM at The Forum.  

For tickets go to www.whitakercenter.org or call 717-214-2787 and check out their Facebook page here:  Hearts & Homes-Facebook

Jimmy Wayne who will be performing was a foster child.  He is very passionate about helping other children in foster care.  Visit his website: www.jimmywayne.com

Hear his song Shine: 


Learn more about PSRFA, the concert event and how you can become

a foster parent by visiting their website  www.psrfa.org

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Spring has finnally arrived....well almost.  And with the recent ups and downs of the temperatures and refusal of winter to let go of its grasp, it is also causing mayhem with the wildlife.  

But again they are awaking and are getting outdoors and running and roaming about our backyards and making new homes in and around our house.  If you don't want them to move in and want to get them out, this is the guy who can help and these are the people to call.

Rick Shadel from S&S has been joining us for years offering tips and advice on how to deal with wildlife.  It's time to talk about who is out there causing concern and mayhem.  Today we'll talk about groundhogs, birds, bats, voles, skunks adn raccoons and even foxes and bats.   Rick will also share with us some stories he and his crew have run into like a cat in the ductwork, skunk in the garage, and snakes in the basement.

To contact S&S Professional Wildlife Control:

Call 866-SKUNK-BE GONE (758-6523) & visit www.sandswildlifecontrol.com

Hear our interview here: