Scott Singer tells us about this 3rd generation business. How it has evolved from what was once the area's premier sporting goods store (Singer's Athletic Wear) into a state of the art training facility for area athletes and area families who want to get in shape and feel great.

Learning that his family might sell the old building, Scott decided to move his training business into the location at 1005 Briarsdale Road in Harrisburg.  He installed a basketball court and then teamed up with Power Train Sports and added their program and equipment to the facility.  And now it has become a total athletic training complex.

Power Train which is based out of Manheim is a huge success story and has locations and franchises around the country.  They became popular with professional athletes from the Eagles, Steelers and Ravens who trained there.  But they also take pride in offering fitness programs for Mom, dad and the kids offering an individualized program with personal trainers.  

Next Level Basketball offers specialized training for young basketball players both male and female.  In fact, he is proud to of one of his graduates, Alyssa Thomas who was a top draft pick in this recent WNBA draft.

To learn more about Power Train and to take advantage of their FREE FIRST WEEK offer call their Hbg East location at 717-561-1685 and visit www.powertrainsports.com 

To learn about Scott's Next Level Basketball programs including their upcoming summer camps call Scott at 717-979-2602 and visit www.nextlevelbpa.com 

Here is a video tour with Scott of the Complex:


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There are a number of young area athletes who are diabetic.  Many are unaware of the preparations they must take before competing.  Each sport requires a different approach.  

Dan Stone of CPRS was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a child.  But it didn't prevent or stop him from pursuing his love of sports.  But it wasn't easy finding the right information and answers to what he should be doing before competing.

That is why he and CPRS are working to help other area athletes with Diabetes by offering them the information and the support that wasn't available before.

We'll talk about what you need to know and do before physical activity.  How do different sports impact blood sugars differently.  Does Diabetes impact physical performance.  What organizations and support groups are out there for athletes with Diabetes. And most importantly Dan wants you to know......that if your child is diagnosed with Diabetes, it doesn't mean they can't do the things they love doing....like sports.  There are professional athletes with Diabetes.  You just need to prepare and take care.

Contact Dan Stone with questions and how he can help your diabetic athlete by calling him at 717-492-9532.  

To learn more about CPRS Physical Therapy and all they do visit their website at www.cprsweb.com or call 866-279-6999.

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