Managing your home or your business’ energy needs can be complicated. But here in Pennsylvania, we have competitive energy suppliers which means there's an expanding array of fast and easy options to save on utility bills.
Competitive energy markets have given consumers more control over managing costs. There are many options and suppliers for consumers to choose from when purchasing electricity or natural gas supply. In addition to price, consumers can shop based on contract length, terms, renewable energy and, of course, top notch customer service.

Bruce Stewart of Constellation, the nation’s largest competitive supplier, will share some of his experience to help educate WHP 580 listeners about shopping for their energy supply and to ask the right questions to best evaluate different plans and products.   We will also address what happened to some electricity customers here in Central PA this past winter who were hit with HUGE bills because they were tied to adjustable rates.  How to avoid that trap.

The bottom line is there is no one size fits all energy plan for consumers or businesses. By knowing the options available and understanding more about how the energy market works consumers can help avoid surprises and save on their monthly utility bills.

To learn more about Constellation and their energy offerings visit www.constellation.com

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After this nasty winter that just won't let go, it will be so nice to get out in the sun and relax by the pool.  And if have your own pool, like I do, you are getting antsy about getting your pool open and ready for pool season.

So today we paid a visit to our good friends at Goodall Pools at their Jonestown Road, Harrisburg store to talk about opening the pools and the best way to do that.  We also talked about some of the great new equipment that is available along with switching over your pool to "salt."

We'll also preview Goodall's Pool School which is coming up next week and also talk about their incredible new store opening Saturday in Carlisle near Walmart.

Wes Humbert from Goodall Pools is my co host for this fun "looking ahead to summer" show.

Visit www.goodallpools.com 

Hear our interview here:

Wes gives a quick video tour of the store and the new testing equipment