If you are planning or dreaming of remodeling your kitchen or bath, you can pick up some great ideas and advice from our guest, John Petrie from Mother Hubbard's.

A third generation local, family-owned enterprise, in business for 42 years, Mother Hubbard's takes your dreams and expectations, and using their out-of-this-word imagination designs, creates and constructs the kitchen or bath you've always dreamed of. 

One of the best quotes John used when talking about the projects they have done for customers is that one lady told him, there isn't a day goes by that when she comes down the steps and sees her new kitchen, she isn't Wow'd and overwhelmed.

Learn about this area business and what makes them different and better than the rest.

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He was teenager growing up in Jersey.  All he wanted to do was "fit in."  But when he did something he was "all in."   When he partied, he did it to the extreme.  Drinking led to drugs.  Drugs led to crime.  He had no job and was always in trouble.  His friends kicked him out and so did his family.  One cold day in January, they put him on a bus to Harrisburg where he took what may be the most important steps of his life.  He walked up the steps into the Bethesda Mission.    That day in January began a long hard struggle to change his life.  But Jason wanted more out of life.  He knew his life was a mess and he even tried to end it.  But instead he changed it.

His story is just one of many and he is just one of too many that come to The Bethesda Mission for not just a meal and a bed, but to transform their live thru long term recovery.

Chuck Wingate and Jason share an incredible inspiring half hour with us talking about how bad things don't just happen to bad people.  Any one of us could have our lives destroyed by one life changing moment.   Any one of us could end up like Jason and end up walking up those steps to the Bethesda Mission because there is no other place to go.

This year marks the 100 year anniversary of the mission that serves the poor and homeless here in our area while also serving God.

Help The Bethesda Mission continue their life saving work. Make it your mission.  Learn about them and how you can help.  Visit www.bethesdamission.org

Hear this great interview and story here: