When I ran into Joe Staudt at the Outdoor Show he was telling me he redid the store so I had to stop over and see what he did to the place.   He indeed moved things around and it's looking good.

We talked about the new look and also how he did with his display at the Outdoor Show.  Met alot of new gun loving friends, built some custom guns and is really happy with the new show and plans to come back even bigger next year.

We took time to talk about spring turkey season and a new line of shotguns from Benelli he will be selling starting this month.  We talked about the ammo shortage and about his "reloading" classes he just finished up.  He has a new set of classes coming up the end of April for ammo reloading for handguns.  Call and reserve your space for these FREE classes.

We also got an education about Class 3 weapons.  What you need to do to own one of those and why you should consider the "trust" version of this registration.  Lots of other good stuff too.

Staudt's Gun Shop 7050 Allentown Blvd (across from Aroogas).  412-4138

Online at www.staudtsgunshop.com 

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John is back with us for another year to share with you his tips and advice on how to safety invest for your retirement.

John has been serving oru area for 14 years helping people protect their wealth. Today John will tell us why "strategy" is so important, how to cope with the uncertainty that exists today.....how to welcome the change in your life that comes with retirment and what he feels are the most important and essential retirement rules for those who are about to retire or already retired.

If you would like to learn more, John offers a free no obligation consultation to show you how he can help you invest your money safely for retirement. 

You can reach John at 657-1622.   And you can hear our interview here: