Cancelled last year, The Outdoor Show is back with new sponsors including the NRA and The Outdoor Channel.   While the name has changed, all the things you love about the show are back including displays with nearly every legal firearm.  You can see and talk with manufacturer reps and even buy on site.  However you will have to pickup the firearm at a nearby location including one of our sponsors and friends, Staudt's Gun Shop.

We sat down with Chirs O'Hara, the Manager of the show who will tell us what is new and different and also why it is not just a gun show, but an outdoor show for the entire family.

I walked through the show before opening along with fellow outdoorsman and WHP 580 colleague Ron Walker and we visited with some of the 1000 vendors. 

In this segment along with Chris, we spoke with Joe Staudt from Staudt's Gun Shop to see what he's bringing to the show and if you do find a firearm at the show you want to buy, you can purchase it and then pick it up at Staudt's Gun Shop later.  He will explain.

Learn more about the show at www.greatamericanoutdoorshow.org

Visit Staudt's Gun Shop at 7050 Allentown Blvd across from Aroogas and online at www.staudtsgunshop.com 

Hear part 1 of our interviews here:


In Part 2 of our visit and preview of the Great American Outdoor Show we met two great guys who are local lawyers on a special mission.  Jason Kutulakis and Creigh Martson have a booth at the show.  And we wondered what the heck can two attorneys be offering at the show.  Well, we learned that these gentlemen are avid outdoorsmen and also defenders of our gun rights.

Their firm Abom & Kutulakis in Carlisle specializes in sportsmen's rights and legal issues involving personal protection.   You can reach them at 249-0900 and learn more about them at www.pagunattorneys.com

We'll also visit with our boating buddies from Ducky's Boats in Middletown who have tons of fishing and pontoon boats on display at the show.  Learn about them at www.duckysboats.com

Hopkins Hunting Camp on the beautiful nearby Maryland Eastern Show invited us to stop by and chat.  Visit them online at www.hopkinshunting-clays.com

And we learned about gun safes with our own Ron Walker who is a Champion Safe dealer.    Learn about these safes at www.championsafe.com and call Ron at 554-8157.

Hear Part 2 with these guests here: