Your home is your sanctuary. Your memories, hobbies, hopes and dreams. Sometimes you need a little extra help staying comfortably in your home. With more than 13 years of experience, FHM specializes in Home Modifications to make your life easier, safer and more independent.

Steve Burkholder from Family Home Medical joins us to talk about what he calls the, "universal design concept."  It's designing, redesigning, renovating a home so that it is more accessbile and allows someone older or with disabilities to be able to stay in the home they love and still be able to do all the things they need to do to live a normal life.

FHM will also be set up at this year's Pennsylvania Home Show March 2nd thru the 10th with a great exhibit of many of the products and services they offer.   They will also be doing a special seminar on Monday March 4th Senior Day showcasing home modifications.

Learn more about Family Home Medical at www.fhmproducts.com

And call 1-866-486-5201



Rick Shadel from S&S Wildlife Control Services is back with us for another year with more great tips and advice on what to do when critters and creatures invade your backyard, garden and home.    

This time though we'll be talking about what to do when animals and birds invade your place of business, farm, school, and municipal facilities. Rick and S&S have many many commercial, municipal and agricultural clients who have problems with birds, ground hogs, skunks, geese, foxes and minks and other critters who cause damage and lead to possible violations or a lawsuit. 

If the boss comes to you and says, "do something about those animals" remember S&S Professional Wildlife Control Services.  

Learn more at www.sandswildlifecontrol.com & call 1-866-758-6523.

And check them out on Facebook.  Here's the link to their page   S&S Wildlife