Here are some reasons why Parents choose a Catholic Education:

-      Each student is educated intellectually, spiritually, and morally.

-      Excellent test scores that are among the best nationally.

-      Extremely high graduation rates. Almost 99% of Catholic schools students graduate from high school.

-      Locally, recent graduates were awarded over 26 million dollars in scholarships.

 To learn more about Catholic Schools in our area, we met with Sister Mary Anne Bednar, Principal of Bishop McDevitt High School and Sister Mary Anne Sweeney, Principal of St. Catherine Laboure school.

To learn more or to set up a tour of any of the Catholic schools contact the school and visit www.hbgdiocese.org\schools   

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Our "Critter Gitter" Rick Shadel is back with us for another great show talking about the critters and creatures that invade your backyard, home, and business.

We get an update on who is out and about and who might be making those sounds in your house.  We'll learn how to keep them out and what you should look for.  Also get a preview of of what is coming up in the net couple months including the wonderful aroma of "love in the air" with Mr. Skunk.

Rick will also have info for those of you who own or operate businesses.  If you have a problem with wildlife, S&S is the one to call and we'll tell you why.  

Call S&S Professional Wildlife Control at 1-866-SKUNK-BE GONE (758-6523) and visit their website at www.sandswildlifecontrol.com 

And look for them on Facebook at this link:   S&S-Facebook

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