We are halfway thru flu season and cases are going up and more people are coming down with the flu.   Dr. John Goldman, infectious disease specialist with Pinnacle Health made a house call to WHP 580 to talk about the flu, colds and what we can do to prevent it.....and....what to do if you get it.

Why flu season occurs during the winter.  Is it too late to get a flu shot?   Does chicken soup really help?   When should you go to a doctor? 

Those answers and more.  For more flu info and advice Pinnacle Health has set up a special web page at www.pinnaclehealth.org/flu  

Hear our interview here:


Are you getting older and can't handle all the maintenance on your home?  Does your mother or father still live in their home and can care for themselves but not their property?

When you visit them do you end up working on their home and not spending quality time with them?   You pay for people to care for your family member but who is caring for their home.

Chad Hopple, who is a general contractor has come up with a plan and an affordable way to maintain your home or your parent's home.

With The Home Assurance Program Chad and his crew will repair and maintain your home for a low monthly fee.  Chad is a local guy from Mechancisburg who learned the trade from his uncle when he was a boy, and worked with his family roofing business and now wants to help people who need work done right for a fair and honest price.

Chad made the point that he is "not gonna nickel and dime ya."   He will do what you tell him to do....and do it right.   They also do all other remodeling and renovations and lots of painting.

To learn more, give Chad a call at 315-8841 and visit www.helpmechad.com 

Hear our interview here: