Today we are taking your fitness and training program to the next level.  Allowing you to EXPLODE with speed, strength, power and endurance.  Dave Brixius is the owner of EXSP.  Located in the Linglestown area, EXSP has been developing the skills of athletes since 2002.  And also helps prepares athletes for a professional career in the NFL and NBA.  

Dave will tell us what makes his workout and gym different from all the others.  Why speed is so important, and how his workout not only helps improves performance but also help prevent injuries.  We'll also talk about his mission of helping area kids get and stay physically fit.

Learn all about EXSP at www.exsp.biz 

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Dino Tozzi, Owner of Get Clear Windows in New Cumberland will inform and educate us about windows, when to replace, and what to look for when shopping for new windows.

With the extreme cold this past week, alot of us may have had problems keeping our homes warm or may have noticed cold seeping in through the windows.  Windows like insulation come with R value.  You may also see a "U Factor."  Dino will explain what these are and what are good numbers and also what qualifies as an Energy Star window.

Clear Windows is a local company that believes in giving you the best price on a quality window, which by the way are made right here in Pennsylvania.  They serve just our area so customer service is key.  And NO high pressure sales.  Dino says he can tell you what you need to know in about a half hour at your home.  No long winded sales pitch keeping you prisoner for hours.   

In fact, Dino wants to provide you with all the info you need so you can shop and compare.  Windows is all they do.  As their name implies, they also repair and renovate windows.  Got a cloudy window or glass?  They can fix it.

It's Get Clear Windows, 129 Bridge Street downtown New Cumberland.   Call them at 395-5363 and visit their website at www.getclearwindows.com 

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