© Nevin Hawlman

Do you hear it, can you feel it?

Do you smell it in the air ?

Overhead and under foot,

its signs are everywhere.

It is Spring time in our Valley,

Southern Geese have taken flight.

If you listen very closely,

you can hear them in the night.

There's a fresh, most pleasant feeling,

no words able to describe.

This warm and gentle feeling,

and the warmth we feel inside.

There's a blush upon the Maples,

in the grass a hint of green.

And they soon will be returning;

feathered friends, so long unseen.

Crocus peek from stubborn snow drifts,

but the Sun will win the fight.

As the chorus of the Peepers,

penetrates our screens at night.

Here in central Pennsylvania,

Winter soon will lose its grip.

As the buckets on the Maples,

will resound with every drip.

Time for hanging up Snow Shovels,

mowers soon resume their chores.

Short-sleeve shirts will join the grass seed, that appear on shelves in stores.

Then the Daffodils and Tulips,

will respond to warmer light.

And the Dandelions will polka-dot,

every lawn in sight.

Soon the calves will drop and frolic,

in the meadows fresh and new.

And our little barefoot children,

will join in the frolic, too.

When all creatures of the landscape,,

with a meeting of the mind,

conspire to multiply their numbers,

and perpetuate their kind.

It's the time when young mans' fancy,

said to turn to thoughts of love.

And a time to count our blessings,

showered upon us from above.

 - - - - -