Ken Matthews, WHP 580 AM Radio

HowShould Christian Conservatives Interact withthe MediatoBestInfluence It?

Thursday, 13March, 7:00– 8:30 p.m.

Great Hope Baptist Church

110 Fern Avenue, Carlisle, PA 17013

(717) 243-5000

TheChristian worldview isindistinct opposition withthe widely-heldsecular,humanisticand liberalworldview ofmost members of the mainstream media. Study after study confirms this. This too oftenresults in unfairtreatment of Christians and of their ideas by the media. So whatshould Christians do? How can they get fair hearingfrom thefourth estate which purports to be objective andunbiased but inmany case isnot?  Should theyjustwrite off the media and retreat fromthediscourse of the public square? 

Ken Matthews, the afternoon talk show host atWHP 580AMradio, has some distinct and strongly held ideas about how Christian conservativesshould deal with themedia.  He will discuss howthey can bestinteract andinfluence it.  Ken will entertain questions after hispresentation.

Ken Matthews has a passion for pop culture, people and politicsand other things that begin with the letter pencils, parenting, propane, pianos and pie. For more than 30 years he's shared these passions on the radio. He has extensive on-air experience, previously serving as a Morning Show Host for B104 WAEB-FM in Allentown, Pa. from the early 90's through 2006. Ken was born in New Jersey and before border security was tightened in 1966, he and his family escaped from NJ and settled in Florida where Ken was raised barefoot on the salt water Indian River. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University where he received a degree in Political Science. Ken was unable to finish his Broadcast degree because he was too busy broadcasting. He met his wife of 23 years (that's how long they've been married-not her age) in Maine and several states later they settled in the Lehigh Valley where they started their family and got a 90 year mortgage. Ken and his wife have two sons- a 9- year old Cub Scout and a 12- year old Boy Scout. Ken is a licensed PA Realtor, a life -time member of the NRA and a pistol instructor. He's had the pleasure of filling in for Bob Durgin in recent years and also has been heard guest hosting on the radio in Philadelphia and New Jersey.Read more:

The25 March meeting should not only be informative butshouldalsobea special time of Christian fellowship. We shall havepot luck dessert and refreshments.Please bring your family members and friends andalsobring somethingtastyto eat.

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 We look forward to seeing you on the25th ofMarch.