Q:  Dear Bill,
I live on Blue Mountain and I love it. However, the woodpeckers have drilled several large and small holes in the side of my wood storage shed. I have screwed plywood on the interior to close them and have tried several products to patch the holes on the exterior, but the mixture has collapsed and fallen out. I think I need something other than the normal woodfiller used for nail holes and will be stiff enough to fill holes 1" without collapsing. I will be painting them with exterior stain after they have completely dried.

Thanks for your help.

A:  Woodpeckers are going after bugs so if you kill the bugs with a good insecticide like 365 it will stop the woodpeckers. Second to fill the holes use Durhams rock hard wood putty. It is very cheap and does a great job.. short work time---several minutes but is a great product.