Q: Recently my family moved into my parents home and my dad had remodeled the main bathroom. He installed a tile floor but did not seal the grout, I guess the devil is in the details. Needless to say the grout is extremely dirty and some of it has cracked. Please tell me if there is anyway I can fix this without ripping the whole floor out. Oh yea, there is a heating element under the tile also. I was hoping to just be able to possibly dremel or rotozip the grout and put new in, but my BIL told me that it wouldn't bond. Please help, we want to sell this home in the spring.

Thanks so much!

A: You can use a concentrated mixture of TSP and hot water and a scrub brush, goggles and vinyl gloves and scrub the joints. Should come pretty white. You can also use a grout tool or I have found out an old screw driver works well and scrape out about 1/8 inch of old grout and re-grout. then you can seal the grout to keep clean. I have found that it takes multiple coats to prevent it from getting dirty over the years. hope this helps.

Bill, HHM