Q:  A question about power mowers? Is there a brand that you could recomend? A self-propelled or no self-propelled.What about an electric start. We have alot of trim work to do (about one hour). Trees to trim around and under. Could you recomend a brand? Would there be a quiet one? We really enjoy the half hour on Saturdays whp 580.
Thanks Much,
Bill & Donna

A:  After a lot of testing and customer feed back I have come to the conclusion that the best mower is a toro aluminum deck mower as it offers the best cut. Also the cost per years of service is the lowest. I would not get electric start for trimming as it makes it about 10 #s heavier unless it is a necessity. The steel deck toros although have gotten better still are not the quality of the aluminum deck models. shop around I offer the aluminum decks at below the mapp price to inspire people to step up. Most call me back thank me for encouraging them to buy the aluminum deck model.