Q: Can you recommend a good product that will clean mold and mildew from sidewalks? I am also looking to remove oil stains from my concrete garage floor. Do you sell something that will do that? One last question if you will. I heard you talk about using TSP for cleaning decks. Please recommend a sealer and stain combination (all in one) for protecting the wood. I would want to keep the natural color. I read about a product called One Time Wood. Can you elaborate on it. Is it worth the extra money?

A:  TSP will remove mold and mildew and oil stains on concrete. One Time is a great product but comes at a price of 75 but is to last 7 years.. as talked about the prep can really help to make it last I like CWS in the cedar because the cedar tone gives it a little extra color to brighten it up but is a 3 to 4 year at best.