Q:  Quick question about backfeeding from a generator.  If I go from a 220 generator to my dryer power source do I need to reverse the breaker?  How does it know which way the power is coming from?  Is it like a Thermos?

Thanks Marty

A:  No, the breaker will work just the way it is as AC current which is what your supply is from PPL, pulses back and forth, so that 60 times per second it reverses and travels in the opposite direction. Just be very careful that you have the main breaker off when you activate the generator breaker. If you have both on at the same time and when the electricity comes back on from PPL you will have fireworks. Be very careful to make sure that you turn the main breaker off before(the main breaker is the one at the top or bottom and usually much larger) you activate the breaker (dryer breaker) on from the generator (even if it is not running but hooked up) and that you turn the generator breaker (dryer breaker) off before you turn on the main breaker----this is very important! we sell switches that do it for you but require some wiring. Thanks for listening and for your question.