Q:  I have a chain saw that requires a 32:1 gas oil mix and a snowblower that needs 40:1. Can I compromise with a 36:1 for both or will that cause damage?

A:  You can generally use a lower mix ratio ie 32:1 than a higher ratio ie 40:1 as long as it is close as yours is. A 16:1 would not do well for an item that takes 50:1 for example but a 40:1 would work ok in a 50:1. So if you want to mix only on ratio, use a 32:1 for both and you will be fine.

P.S. There are some 2 cycle mixes that are made to work for all ratios and I think are actually 100:1. We usually don't recommend them because they are not covered under warranties. We mix a general mix of 32:1 for all of our repairs.

Bill, HHM