How do I call and get on-the-air?

Simple! Call us at (717) 540-0580 during one of our local shows 

I want to contact Rush! How can I call or email him?

Here are the numbers for our national shows. If you want to send them an email, just click on their name.

Glenn Beck - 1-888-727-BECK
Rush Limbaugh - 1-800-282-2882

Sean Hannity (between 3p and 7p) - 800.941.7326

How do I call WHP to get on the air?

The easiest way is to call the number closest to you during a live show. We have found that it is very difficult to get on the air during a taped show. If you get through, you will then talk to a screener. A screener is a person who is not the host. The screener may (or may not) transfer you to the host. They are nice people, so please be nice to them. And remember: turn your radio WAY DOWN before you call in. Otherwise, it will create signal mayhem, and the host won't be able to hear what you are saying.
Call-In Telephone Numbers:


My company would like to advertise on WHP. Who should I contact for rates and other information?
Sales Department
Tel: (717)540-8800


I would like to send a press release or news item to the station. How do I contact the WHP News Room?
WHP Newsroom
600 Corporate Circle
Harrisburg, PA 17110


How do I send a comment or an idea to a show?
You can write to or call them. (No stalking, please). Note: Some shows have additional numbers not affiliated with WHP. Visit the on-air portion of the website for contact info of each host or producer of a show


How can I register a formal complaint about a show?
We take all complaints very, very seriously. Please write to:
RJ Harris, Program Director WHP AM 580
600 Corporate Circle
Harrisburg, PA 17110

How do I pick up a prize that I won on WHP 580?
Please wait until at least NOON the next business day to come in to pick up your prize, unless the prize is date sensitive. Sometimes for concert tickets, you will be put on a guest list, or the tickets may not be available for pick up right away. When you call in to win your prize, please be sure to take note of when you may pick up your prize. Just stop by our main business office between 8AM and 4:30PM Monday-Friday with photo ID, and we'll have your prize ready for you!
I'm lazy and don't want to come pick up my prize. Can you mail it?
Unfortunately, we are not able to mail out prizes. Each winner is required to provide photo ID, and fill out a release form in order to receive their prize. If you are not able to come in yourself, we are able to release the prize to your immediate family, provided we have your written permission to do so.
I just won a prize last week. Can I win again today?
No- so that all of our listeners have a fair chance to win prizes from WHP 580, you must wait 60 days from the day you originally won your prize before you can win again. Some prizes (normally those valued at over $250) have longer wait periods. See the official contest rules for details.
Is it true that I have to pay taxes on prizes that I win?
Only if you win more than $599 in prizes during a calendar year from any of our stations. We keep track of how much each winner has won each year, and we'll try to let you know if you're getting close to the $599 limit.
Does anyone ever win from those register to win boxes?
YES! When you register to win at one of our remote broadcasts, we will always pick at least one winner from all the entries, and notify them of their winning by telephone. Complete contest rules can always be found on the back of the register to win box or at the station during normal business hours.